About Us


We have been in the fencing business our entire lives. Being kids of a fence builder, we were just expected to pitch in and help! From the time we were old enough to hold a hammer, we were working with our daddy and granddaddy building fences. Our summers consisted of working in the fields or building fences. We learned a great deal from our experiences. Technically our business started in 2005, but you could say it really started with our granddaddy in the early 1900’s. Our daddy followed in those footsteps and also built fences while maintaining another full-time job. As always we were simply expected to pitch in and help. There were many friends made from those fencing jobs years ago and today we are still building fences and making friends along the way. We hope that you will choose Sutton Fence to build your family’s next  fence project.
Our philosophy of business is to simply give customers superior products at a great price.

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